Best Blender for Smoothies on the Market

Trying to buy the blender for smoothies is a terribly confusing task nowadays. This is mostly due to the sheer number of products available alongside some extreme claims and promises made by manufacturers these days.

It’s great that a blender is powerful enough to pulverize almost anything, but is it necessary to have 20 speed settings? A few weeks ago I read about how one particular manufacturer had created a tilted blender as this was more effective. All of this sounds a bit bogus to me and I certainly wouldn’t want to spend a lot more just for a special design feature that’s apparently more effective!

I try to go about it in the old-fashioned way and that’s to do my own research by reading customer reviews and using helpful guides like this one by The Freshome on the best blender for smoothies. Despite the usefulness of these guides, it’s important to remember that some websites will give conflicting reviews. This is the reason why you need to take the challenge on yourself and find as much information as you can all by yourself.

There are lots of different types of blenders to buy. Some are large; some are for personal use while some are versatile enough to make whatever you want. I usually try to buy well-rounded products that will enable me to make smoothies, soups and sauces. But considering the fact that we’re only looking at a smoothie blender in this article, I’ll try to focus on this only.

The Vitamix 5200 is the best blender for smoothies that I have ever seen.To be honest, if you’re looking for the best blender for smoothies, I wouldn’t look past the Vitamix 5200. The good thing about this is that it’s also the most versatile blender on the market. Firstly, it’s a full size blender that will allow you to make up to 8 cups of smoothies. It’s also associated with excellent functionality and has an interface that is extremely easy to operate. In terms of the performance, the Vitamix 5200 is expected to be great because it’s quite expensive but I would’ve never thought the smoothies would be well, that smooth. When you’re throwing in whatever ingredients you can find, smoothies can often have solid bits and pieces in them but this smoothens the texture to impressive levels. As I already said, I love the versatility of blenders because I absolutely love making nut butter at home. Unfortunately, not many blenders can handle the ingredients needed for nut butter. The Vitamix 5200 is probably the only blender I’ve across that handles everything brilliantly. If you’re trying to eat healthily, then getting this blender will definitely set you on your way. But of course, a blender isn’t everything. You need to make the effort if you are to change your lifestyle.

One of the main problems associated with the Vitamix 5200 is that it can cost up to half a grand. While some can afford this, most people would be crazy to even think about spending this much. If you’re sole aim is to buy the best blender for smoothies then a personal blender like the Nutri Ninja or the Magic Bullet may be well worth trying. Both of these blenders blend very well and make smoothies with a perfect texture. The most important point here is that they are relatively cheap too. But of course, your nut butter won’t turn out too great.

At the end of the day, when making smoothies, it’s essential to create a texture that doesn’t have bits of fruit and vegetables in it. Imagine blending a smoothie and being excited to drink it but the bits block out the straw. In order to do this, you need to look into the market carefully and make the best decision possible.

How to Start Eating a Clean Diet

If you participate on social media then I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of food selfies based on a good clean diet. A lot of these pictures show this food as being extremely colorful and looking quite delicious. The only thing is that it might not have been prepared cleanly. You need to remember that just because an Instagram picture shows something, this might not be true. Within this platform, the appearance means a lot more than the actual nutrients. All of this has actually changed our perception of what clean eating is all about. People who regular post these recipes focus more on the aesthetic appeal rather than how healthy it will be for the body.

Take sugar for example. We try to move away from processed foods and try to minimize sugar in the diet instead focusing on natural sugars. The truth is that sugar is sugar regardless of whether it’s coming from honey, fresh fruit or from a different food type. If you eat a lot of this natural sugar, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re clean eating. Even foods rich in natural sugars should be eaten in moderation. I usually try to eat as many vegetables as possible and try to avoid fresh fruit as much as I can. So what can we do to start eating cleanly in the right way?

  • The first thing we need to do is buy organic fruits and vegetables. This will be free of chemicals and will do much more for your body than anything else.
  • Phytonutrients are very important and in order to get all types, you need to eat fruits and vegetables of all colors. Next time, try corn, cauliflower, beetroot, kale and tomatoes.
  • Eat less processed foods and buy organic meat like grass-fed beef. This will contain far more healthy fats and better quality protein.
  • Have lots of seeds that are plant-based. These will provide a good quality of protein and also healthy fats.

These are just some steps that you’ll need to complete if you are to start eating cleanly. With a little more research and a lot more discipline, you can start eating cleanly completely. I’ve highlighted how a healthy diet can do wonders for your health so make sure you read that if you’re not sure of the benefits of a healthy diet.

The Rise of Vegetarian Kitchen Meal Kits Delivered to your Door

As we all start to eat healthier, opportunists try to bring out new ideas that will enable them to make some money. It seems like the latest idea involves vegetarian meal kits delivered straight to your door.

Vegetarian meal kits have gotten very popular over the years.Generally, the kit will contain fresh vegetables and other fresh food items. Alongside this, you’ll also get a recipe card that will detail out what you can do with these ingredients. It doesn’t really seem like a really good idea considering the fact that these kits are a lot more expensive than buying the ingredients separately from a supermarket.

I thought this too but then I realized that there are so many people who don’t actually have the time to go to the supermarket to buy fresh foods. TO be honest, these days we barely have time to cook the food let alone search endlessly for the best quality fruits and vegetables. If you look at it in this perspective, these fresh meal kits make sense. After all, they’re delivered straight to the door and would be perfect for families where both parents work long hours. They’ll also be useful for young people who want to eat as cleanly as possible. That’s why you see these companies target young healthy people on social media.

There are so many of these companies these days that I just had to try one and I chose Green Blender simply because I love smoothies so much. When I received the kit, the box had ice packs to keep the ingredients cool. The best part was that all the ingredients was pre-measured and I didn’t have to do anything but throw these into the blender to make my favorite smoothie.

The bottom line is that these meal kits can be quite handy sometimes. Sure, they’re expensive but imagine living in a city like New York, You’ll find it tough to go out for groceries every two or three days. That’s why I think I’ll be ordering these kits every once in a while.

Adopting A Healthy Diet Will Do Wonders For Your Health

This has been heard a lot of times. If you change your diet and start eating healthy foods, you can really transform your life. Whether this is your appearance, health or even in terms of social aspects, this statement is completely accurate.

A healthy diet can do wonders for your body.This is exactly what happened to Dr. Davis, a bariatric surgeon, who has written a book to share his experiences. In “Proteinaholic”, he has written everything to inspire other people. He used to suffer from high cholesterol and blood pressure but turned his life around by changing his diet. He says the main responsibility of obesity is our love for meat. We must change our bad habits and adopt a plant-based diet in order to get sufficient protein alongside other healthy vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Davis used to be a bariatric surgeon but never exercised himself and suffered from all sorts of health problems to due the lifestyle he led. As a result of the change, he now advises his patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables in combination with a good amount of exercise. A lot of people fear that when they eat a plant-based diet, they might suffer from a lack of energy but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You will have just as much energy as you would while eating meat. But in addition to this, eating a plant-based diet will improve your health. It’ll slow down the progression of heart disease while reducing your cholesterol levels and provide a better control over blood pressure.

All of what has been written in this book is common sense and we just need to find the energy and willpower to act on it. If you need to read more about how Dr. Davis changed his life around, then read his book Proteinaholic.